7260 Clips Rússia

Young sad thoughtful depressed man in the black jacket walking down the street

Portrait of young and happy couple enjoying the evening on the beach. Man is hugging woman from behind. Happy relationship.

Macro video of self testing for diabetes blood sample is being taken by a stick

close up shot of the man and woman hands, who is near the sea, the couple are holding hands, they are in love and spend time with each other near the water

Close-up shot of a man typing message on smart phone while having coffee break in shopping mall cafe.

An adult man chooses a package of milk in the dairy department of a grocery store, people see plastic cans with pasteurized milk for breakfast

Close up of female hands taking blood sample for blood sugar testing

Young happy smiling woman drinking clean water from plastic bottle near the sea after fitness. She wear smart watches. Concept of water balance and healthy lifestyle. Strong back light and lens flare.

close up shot of a woman's hands, a lady draws a white flower on a portable tablet, a woman works as a graphic designer and draws a mandala in her room

close up shot of the eyes of a young man wearing glasses who is watching a movie on a computer monitor. The video is reflected in the glasses of his glasses, the person looks closely

Portrait of a lovely couple taking a walk on the beach during sunset. Man and woman are smiling and laughing. Happy couple.

Close up shot of a man's eyes with eyeglasses looking at a monitor. The lenses of the glasses reflect the picture of the film that the young man is looking at his computer.

The doctor and the patient of the private clinic talk about the patient's state of health. The doctor wants to appoint the right treatment for a speedy recovery.

Shot from behind of a lovely couple strolling across the beach holding hands. Husband and wife having a nice evening.

Guy eating french fries in cafe. Unhealthy food and lots of cholesterol. Services in the mall.

The man who is sitting behind his workplace reacts in surprise to what's happening before his eyes on the monitor. The man is shocked by what he saw on the Internet.

Feche acima do tiro de uma mulher encantadora que abre seus olhos marrons bonitos. Simples e bonita maquiagem.

Man in brown leather shoes is walking in a fall park. View on his feet, stepping over ground with foliage after rain

man's hands cut mint leaves with scissors

close up shot of the brown eyes of a young woman or teenager with long eyelashes, the lady slowly blinks, she closes and opens the eyelid

Happy young couple go to the sea on the sunset Concept of love and relationships

Young happy couple dancing on the beach on the sunset. Concept of love.

Um homem adulto em óculos seleciona alimentos para bebês nas prateleiras do hipermercado. O homem é sério sobre a escolha de uma refeição para uma criança.

Young mother is giving juice to her baby from bottle and speaking by telephone. A woman on maternity leave is working from home, doing important phone call, holding baby, sitting in front of laptop.

Close up shot of a deep and beautiful woman's eye indoor. Pupil getting larger and smaller. Woman blinks.

Close up shot of dental doctor mostrando uma alça na roentgen dos dentes do homem.

Attractive brunette girl is sitting on a seashore crossed legs and breathing fresh air. She is doing meditation and yoga practice, enjoying nature

Close up shot of a young girl s hands, who sets the clock to smart watches. She presses her finger on the screen's of the smart watches to set the correct time, and also checks incoming messages.

Female hands are flipping pages for schoolers in a shop. Taking and putting on shelf back, preparing and shopping for educational year

A concentrated person who looks like a manager is trying to make an important decision. A man who works in the office looks at the laptop monitor and answers the customer.

An adult man wearing sport suit holds a plastic bottle in his hand, a bearded person in a sports suit drinks water drinks in the summer in a park

Thoughtful woman is looking, camera is showing close-up of her face. She is dreaming and enjoying warm summer wind

close up shot of the man's hands, the person carefully collects tea leaves, he tears off the blades of tea in order to brew a delicious drink

Mulher atraente acorda em seu quarto e estica os braços depois de um bom sono. Ela está feliz e fresca no início da manhã.

Close up of young couple watching videos on tablet. Loving couple who are dressed in homemade pajamas smile and enjoy a joint day off.

Macro shot of a young woman's hands, who uses a new gadget - a smart watches. She likes the new device, which simplifies work with smart technology.

close up shot of the man's hands, the person shows the leaves of the noble green tea, which he tore down on the plantation where he works

Young guy walking in the autumn woods and enjoying good weather.

O marido e a esposa celebram seu aniversário em um restaurante perto da água, um homem e uma mulher bebem vinho em um café, um casal apaixonado está feliz uns com os outros e fala

Um jovem come um sanduíche, que consiste em pão, costeletas de carne e legumes. Um homem está comendo um Hamburger em uma praça de alimentação do shopping.

Office worker at work. Man using computer to work in network or chat with his friends.

Sportswoman is running in daytime in a park, close-up of legs from rear. Healthy lifestyle of contemporary women, loss weight and keeping fit

A young woman who looks like an athlete enjoys the view of the conquered height, the athlete stands alone on a high mountain, from where the whole city is seen, the lady blows a cool and strong wind

Handsome bearded man wearing glasses and jeans jacket is sitting on the beach. Smiling man is relaxing watching sunset.

Close up shot of the man's hands, who signing documents, selective focus.

Handsome man is sitting in nature wearing jeans jacket. Man with beard watching the river's stream in forest. Lovely and peaceful day.

the top view of the fast river flow, the water quickly moves forward to flow into the lake or other water source, on the sides the liquid restricts the sandy shore

Young pretty sporty woman drinking clean water from the plastic bottle standing near the sea after jogging. Female wear smart watches. Water balance. Strong back light and lens flare. Steadicam shot.

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